Hello, my name is Mick and I'm learning Japanese on my own, using the resources the internet has to offer and some textbook.
My purpose with this website is to share what I learn and in the long run make of it a pretty good resource for learners of Japanese languaje.
I'm just starting to work in it, so you'll have to wait until I add more content to fully benefit from it.

I plan to add the following sections:

  1. KANA
    here you'll be able to learn the basic syllabaric characters Japanese use. To learn them should be the first step for anyone learning Japanese. Learning them will also help you understand japanese phonetics.
  2. KANJI
    I'll offer a full list of the ideographic characters of chinese origin that are used in Japanese words.
  3. WORDS
    I'll made word lists that you'll be able to use to learn vocabulary.
    Sample sentences and patterns.
    Here I'll cover the Japanese grammar giving explanations of the most important points any learner should know.
    Here I'll make a directory of resources for learning Japanese: websites, courses, audio, texts...

Once I have completed this website and mastered the language (I'm being optimistic) I'll organize a internet course based on the material of the website.

Thanks for reading.

Mick Murillo
Thursday, June 21, 2012 23:24